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Pashudh’s exclusive collection of bright authentic silk sarees with beautiful jaals, buttas and zari motifs. Their radiance brought about by fine craftsmanship is really a sight for the eyes.

Inspired by traditional weaving heritage, this collection of exceptional kanjivaram silk sarees spark anything but ordinary. The striking combinations, outstanding pairingsof innovative designs match the bold colored pieces and striking hues that is so much more exciting than the normal.The exquisite weaves are steeped in history and thoughtfully constructed for the modern makingVaseegaram exclusively for the woman with a strong persona.

Adorned with stunning bodywork of jaals, electric lotus, paisley motifs, or temple annum, this collection of intricate workmanshipwill sweep you off your feet. The lustrous quality is nothing short of oriental in the splendor andis witnessed along the handcrafted geometric pallus, curated rudhraksh motifs borders in breathtaking palettes designed for the style goddess.

Staying true to its name,Vaseegaram’s classic handloom art charm the mesmerizing hues of summer from the festive turquoise blouse, to the finest candy pink shade, the flamboyant red and majestic emerald green shades. The remarkable design combinations with irresistible patterns combine the hot and the passionate to make the captivating drape a showstopper.

Designs from this collection are also inspired by a design legacy that illustrate the beauty of the finest Kanchipuram silk saree woven in timeless fashion. A touch of vintage with a burst of colours that can be harmonious and idyllic as well as dramatic and vivid, make for the perfect heritage luxury and a kanjivaram treasure. Check out the Vaseegaram collection that will take your breath away.

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