Category: Shobanam - The Pastels

The elite set of pastel colored sarees endeavor to infuse a modern edge to the conventional attire. The intricate patterns created through the zari works have proved to be the work of skillful artists who have etched their legacies through these fine fabrics.

The subtle but colorful collection in ravishing patterns, exquisitely curated by master weavers is what makes Shobanam so youthful. Thedesign collection envelops vibes that are refreshing and vibrant yet calm and energetic and absolutely elegant as all classic kanjivaram silk sarees should be. There is a certain warmth to the sequence of complimenting tones this collection holds making it an absolute hit with the younger generations.

The design innovation is subtle and rhythmic with designs ranging from a tanchoi pattern, turkish rose shade, flower motifs to the banarasi patterned gold body and shockwave pattern blouses that are handcrafted to perfection; simply stunning and hypnotic. The designs elevate a distinctive silhouetteand when combined with adaptable colors, can be exceptionally versatile and flattering.

The graceful shades in Shobanam create a poetic impressionism that connote luxury, and magic while enhancing the overall beauty. The beautiful cross fusion weaves skillfully hand woven, traditional buttis with maginificent zari in silvers and Tuscany gold borders are a delight to see.

This exemplary silk collection speaks contemporary while maintaining deep traditional roots creating modern and polished looks fit for every occasion. The sophisticated eye-catching patterns brings balance to create a harmonious look adored by women all over the world.Slip into these statement styles with unique weaving techniques that are magnificent and timeless.

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