Category: Mellinam - The Silvers

Our exclusive collection of silk sarees, bring with them a rare glow, enriched by the silver zari works that generously span across the expanse of this magnificent composition.

Mellinam is a manifestation of the sharp and sophisticated silver symbolizing gracefulness, sophistication and futuristic glamour. The wicked glint of this unique zari catches the eye of the beholder, complementing the saree in its entirety, as it manifests into a variety of intricate patterns, weaving its own story.

Enveloped by the striking silver’s metallic hue, the kanjivaram silk sarees in this collection infuse vintage glamour instilling confidence and purpose desired by the modern women. The antique silver zari coalesces with the remarkable pashminar weaves to cover the entire body in irresistible patterns that reveals elegance.

The striking shades, shimmer patterns, and silver zari borders generates a vibe of sophistication while keeping the color palette pared-back. The thin straps of golden border, detailed paisley motifs, the elephant and peacock motifs, grey jacquard blouse, are all harmonious with the silver-grey base making it effortlessly classy and timeless.

The perfect amalgamation of traditional weaving method with modern technology and design innovation results in upstanding rows of pattern on a grey body that shines like a diamond. Tweak your wardrobe with this touch of ethnicity that makes for eye-catching couture that inspires style and elegance. Check out our collection now.

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